Our Adventure

Branding, Film


Campwerk is a major international producer of camping tent car-trailers. Campwerk produces high-end quality and functional products and is a leading innovator of its segment. Major parts of their revenue and customer interaction is generated on yearly product fairs. Campwerk’s soley markets their products through its website and on these camper fairs.

We were consulted to help Campwerk stick out of the mass on the yearly fairs and to help develop the Campwerk brand. We were to produce a product that can be used both on their website, but also help the stand on the fair generate attraction.


Although Campwerk produces trailers, it does not only sell a product. Rather, it sells a feeling – the feeling of freedom and adventure. Therefore, we have decided to focus on content marketing, use their products and produce a branding video that would evoke these feeling.

The video along with high quality picture material was than used on the fairs to draw the attention of customers to the stand. Also, the video is a major part of their banding on the official Campwerk website.