Sick of Winter



Sick of Winter produces high-quality and environmentally sustainable Longboards, made in Germany. Inspired by travel and foreign cultures, the brand communicates the spirit of freedom and adventure. The utilization of eco-friendly resources and the honest belief in good design makes the brand one of the most outstanding longboard manufacturers in Germany. For a coherent brand image in social media, our task was to develop high-quality photo material which would reflect the values of Sick of Winter.


In order to show vitality and adventure in a photo series, we traveled to Sweden – dark green woods and lonely roads with a never setting summer sun offer an unique possibility for quality pictures. Importance was placed on authenticity and realness in the picture style. Further, because we love Sick of Winter so much, we made two short impression videos for their social media. Posts with video receive twenty times more attention on Sick of Winter’s account, than posts without – there videos are a great way to generate traffic.



20150630- Sick of Winter_3- weboptimiert


20150630- Sick of Winter_9- weboptimiert


20150705- Brandon_3- weboptimiert

20150705- Brandon_4- weboptimiert

20150705- Brandon_7- weboptimiert


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20150724- SOW_3- weboptimiert


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