Feb 13, 2016


written by Robin

What is traveling to you?

Travelling is so much more than the sum of the places you’ve been to.

When it comes to travelling, it’s not about places, sightseeing or warm weather. Travelling fades out the hustle and bustle of modern life. It’s about gazing up into starry skies and seeing the Milky Way, about the sound of birds and the scent of fresh dew. In fact, this is completely normal – or natural, anyway. Far removed from the growl of traffic, amplified announcements, aircraft noise and smartphone ringtones, human beings’ natural environment sounds completely different: peaceful, natural. And what’s really astonishing is that you can suddenly hear something completely new: yourself. You’re no longer constantly assailed by the endless hubbub of the modern world, and you’re free. Where are we going today? Well, let’s see where my feet take me!

Travel brings people together

In a foreign country, a stranger from your homeland is your friend. The familiarity of home draws you together, no matter whether you have anything in common. You chat, tell stories and help each other out, all because of home. Yet more affecting is the friendliness of the locals. Anybody who really wants to get to know a country has to engage with its people: talk to them, stay overnight with them, eat with them. What makes a country unforgettable isn’t its buildings, landscape, animals or GDP – mostly, it’s the people. It’s those moments where you really connect with a stranger, despite not speaking the same language. Moments where you forget where you come from and where you are, and throw yourself whole-heartedly into the traditions and customs of the locals.

We need a reliable vehicle. One that will take us anywhere, even to the most far-flung corners of the map. A vehicle that, in a pinch, can be repaired with a wire and a piece of cord. We’re travelling with a Jeep Wrangler and an off-road tent trailer. For five weeks we’ve called the trailer our home. For five weeks it’s given us a roof over our heads, a shelter from the wind, a roomy cargo area and a comfortable place to sleep.

Why Turkey?

Before, in the good old days, when mum and dad were choosing where to go on holiday, we all spent plenty of time on the Turkish Riviera, getting to know a Turkey characterised by huge hotels and bustling, touristy bazaars. Turkish friends, however, spoke of minarets, hospitality and gorgeous countryside. And as this was very different to the impressions we formed during our travels through Asia and America, we all soon agreed to go.


This is the story of our journey to Istanbul.

But in reality, it’s not the destination that’s important. This is a story about a journey, about being young and impetuous. And it’s a challenge. Get out there! Pack your things and set off. Seek far-away lands and find a home. Nothing is as valuable as the experiences you’ll have – no book or film on earth can replace that.



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