Okt 8, 2016

San Francisco Sunset

written by Jonas Hermann

San Francisco Sunset

Here we were – drinking beer on a sunny evening over the roofs of San Francisco. Our day was filled with exploring downtown and just when the sun was about to go down, we met Peter – a neighbor of Buena Vista hills. We met him outside a small kiosk that supplied us with our favorite California Beers. “You got to go up the hills and enjoy that beer, peeps”, he said. “Come with me, I’ll show you.” And before we knew it, we were following Peter to some remote place in the hills of San Fran. Peter was about forty years old, has been living in the area for over twenty years and is working within the life science sector. He loves San Francisco for its gay scene and is living with his husband not far from “The Castro” – the area we explored before we met him. That’s what we love about San Francisco: You never know what happens next or who you’ll meet. You just know: It will be pleasant. Cheers.


Hedvig Ahlgren
Markus Wallentin
Markus Romeis
Joakim Rasmuson

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