Sep 30, 2015

Three Month in Central America

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written by Jonas Hermann

What is traveling in its true essence? What is traveling all about? Why do so many people talk about traveling in so many ways and what is it that you can learn from begin abroad?

Questions. And I was looking for answers in Central America. One summer – or three month – I spent on the land bridge between southern America and Northern America. Three month was enough time to travel from Costa Rica all the way through Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras to Mexico. It was a wonderful time where nothing but wanderlust was on the agenda of my days. Nothing but searching for the next adrenaline rush from the next adventure. Clearly, this is can’t be the “real life”. And yet, I felt as alive as I never did before. I experienced sides of myself I did not know existed and I somehow managed to get a better understanding of what life is all about after I returned. Why? Well, only travlling can tell you that… So go out. Explore. Make up your questions and find the answers.

Central America. A three-month lifelong experience.

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