Okt 6, 2015

One Day In Paris

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written by Jonas Hermann

When I think of Paris, I think of the Eiffel Tower. I think of pigeons flying over a kissing couple holding a red rose. I think of long nights out after a glass of rose wine and baguettes in the morning.

But what Paris really is, it is a melting pot. It is a place where cultures collide. A place where history meets modernity, where rich lives close to poor, where love is just as common as hate. Paris has a reputation as “the city of love” – and indeed, there are many reasons why. However, this is not its only side. Paris is all about diversity. Taking the metro to 600 year old buildings perfectly reflects this diversity. Paris is vibrant, young, bizarre and full of history.

A great place to walk around with a camera for a day! 

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