So, what is JVGND STIJL all about?

We push camera buttons. Sometimes its the shutter- and sometimes the record button. But how about you have a look for yourself?

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When we travel, we always take our camera with us. We like to capture the beauty of the country and their people.

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A good photo is one that you’ll like immediately. That’s what we try to accomplish. We tell stories without saying a single word.

Step inside the PICTURES

Behind every icon You’ll find a different album: Travel, people, projects…Feel free to waist some time here.

A video is more than 24 FRAMES per second …

Sit back, turn up the volume and dim the lights. You are about to climb volcanos, raft white-water rivers, dive with sharks and get to know foreign cultures.

"Central America" - is a film about traveling.

It is not a film about two guys, but about their three month journey and the adventures they came across.

Costa Rica - "The Rich Coast".

Beautiful Beaches, beautiful Jungle and a ton of exotic animals in-between. What else is missing to make it paradise? Pura Vida!

Nicaragua - Its about the People.

First lesson we learned in Nica is that what truly makes a country special is the people that inhabit it. Go to Nicaragua and you will feel like coming home. Immediately.

Belize & Honduras

When traveling for such long, eventually there will come that time - You will need a break. Belize & Honduras with the Caribbean coast is the perfect place to do so. And so much more!


Wether diving in ancient cenotes, climbing temples in the middle of the jungle or wondering through traditional markets: This place is about Maya culture!

The first COMMERCIAL PROJECT, we realised for a dental technician

Imagine you are ashamed of your smile. Our teeth have a bigger impact on our personality that we might think.
That's exactly what our short film is about.

May WE introduce?

This is us. We have a passion for graphic design, traveling and carrying a camera around our necks.

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Jonas Hermann

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Lucas Körner

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Robin Bugdahn


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